Learning to embrace your body through the art of dance

Our fabulous choreographer Ali Whittman has jumped on board with her amazing choreography .


We are preparing for a performance March 2017 at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.

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Alli WhitmanAli Whitman


It’s all about the performance. I strive for excellence in every production.  It’s about how the performance moves the audience.  I am dedicated to making every show a success  for the cast, the production crew, and the audience it was meant for. I am a mature, enthusiastic, critical thinker, with the ability to work alone or with others.  I encourage new thoughts and ideas in an approachable environment.  I have strong interpersonal skills and an outgoing personality.  I am comfortable working with a range of talent from professionals to amateurs, children to adults. I exercise solid judgment while maintaining innovative and creative work. I am the rare artist who understands the business element that supports the creative spirit.  I am practical, resourceful, innovative and proactive.